Pan Bar Zoom


Commande de zoom compatible Arri Hi-5, WCU-4, C-motion Cpro hand unit...

The Pan Zoom Cvolution Bar is one of the most compact, versatile and complete zoom controllers of the market. It is perfect to use on a  Pan Bar , a Gimbal or a Steadicam.

This zoom command has the same functions and the same ergonomy than the CZoom Cmotion but is also equiped with a clamp to fix it on rods from 15mm up to 32 mm. It is actually ideal to use it with a gimbal, a steadicam or a panbar handle.

The pan bar zoom is also equiped with a LBUS connector to be connected to the CVolution Camin and directly to the CMotion CForce motor ; an unique solution.

The first version of the software offers all the existing CZoom functionalities including the possiblity to chose the controller (Focus / Iris / Zoom) and the motor calibration. Other new functionalities will be announced and added soon.